The Beginning of Humility

by StephB on June 11, 2010

I have read several books on humility (I wonder why), but I had never been able to grasp how to “humble myself.” I was reading a biblical counseling book on communication the other day and it occured to me that the beginning of humility is….listening. It’s that simple. But think about this for a minute. What is the first thing we do when pride kicks in? We stop listening to others. We think we know it all and we don’t need another’s input.

Listening is active, not passive as we might think. I once heard a statement that went something like this: “Conversation in America is a competition whereby┬átwo people start talking and the first one to draw a breath is declared the listener.” But listening should be more than the time we stop talking so we can formulate our next argument or thought. It should be the time we tune into another person’s thoughts.

When we listen like that, it begs a response. Our job as listener-trying-to-be-humble is to find an appropriate response.

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